Sandra Klein
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I fell in love with photography, and my teacher, in my junior year at Tyler Art School.  Each student was given an Olympus Pen W camera that shot 78 wonderful grainy photos per roll.  As opposed to a class focusing on technique, the stress was on learning to see  a la Cartier–Bresson.  
I spent my youth on the east coast, having been raised in New Jersey, and received a BFA in printmaking at Tyler.  With savings from my first job, I bought a Nikkormat and printed my pictures at home in a makeshift darkroom.  After traveling the world, including a year living in Mexico, and later working in New York City, I eventually settled in California where I have remained.  I received a Masters Degree in Arts with a printmaking major from SDSU and then began my teaching career.  I currently pursue my fine art photography with great passion and enthusiasm.
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